Oh Chalk Glorious Chalk

Fancy a pack of free chalk for your Street Feast? Well you may be in luck! We’ll be dropping of boxes of chalk to libraries across the country for any Street Feast host in the area! For the current list of participating libraries, click here. This list will be updated each time county libraries come on board and we’ll be keeping you updated via social media.

Chalk is a brilliant addition to a Street Feast. A pack of chalk and a bit of pavement will have the kids entertained for hours. Wether it’s to draw masterpieces, practice lettering or play other creative games, chalk is a colourful & inexpensive toy. We’ve come up with a few chalk-ey ideas:


This is an oldie (..it was invented by kids in Roman times!) but a definite goodie. The rules are simple. Use your imagination and draw the boxes to be jumped in in various colours and shapes!

Chalk Bullseye

Use various colours of chalk and draw circles with a bullseye in the middle. Within each circle, write point values. Simply use markers to see who can throw an item closest to the bullseye. The markers can be anything from juggling balls to wet sponges.

Chalk Maze

Have kids design their own web of squiggly lines, circles, and other lines with chalk to design a maze through which others can walk, run, cycle, or scooter. The bigger, more colourful, and more intricate the maze, the more fun kids will have working their way through.


Create your own chalk twister board with at least four colours and four shapes and have another child or parent call out instructions as to where children should place their right hands, right feet, left hands and left feet.

Pictionary – Street Style

Make & cut out some Pictionary cards ( Or you could print out these ones) Take turns choosing a Pictionary card and drawing the item on your card using chalk. Whoever guesses the picture first gets to be the next to draw.

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Street Feast is a day of local lunches across Ireland hosted by you and your neighbours. They can be anywhere really - out on the street, in a local park or in your front garden.

There are lots of good reasons to have a Street Feast, but it's really just a great excuse to eat great food, celebrate your local community and meet new people who live near you. For all our latest news check out Neighbourhood Network News