‘Ello To The Big Hello

This year, we’re excited to be partnering up with the team at The Big Hello . The Big Hello is an initiative run by The Department of Rural and Community Development, encouraging people to run community focused events in their neighbourhoods on the weekend of the 4th-6th May.  To help you along, the county councils will be giving out funding to anyone eager to host a community event.

We think hosting a big ol’ lunch in is the perfect way to get involved! Head over to out website to register your feast and get the ball rolling.

The lovely folk over at The Big Hello have suggested a few more ways that you could get involved with the community weekend.

Sing & Dance

Organise a community talent show! It’s the ideal way to bring to life new sides and talents of your neighbours that no one gets to see. This is the perfect opportunity to reveal your inner Sinatra to those who live next to you!


Whether you walk, run or jog around the neighbourhood, group-exercise is a great way to get to know the people living around you. Why not arrange a fun run, where people of all ages can get involved? Who knows, you might just discover families with children of a similar age, or couples who have pets like yours?

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Street Feast is a day of local lunches across Ireland hosted by you and your neighbours. They can be anywhere really - out on the street, in a local park or in your front garden.

There are lots of good reasons to have a Street Feast, but it's really just a great excuse to eat great food, celebrate your local community and meet new people who live near you. For all our latest news check out Neighbourhood Network News