Neighbourhood News #2

Mr Spock practising proper physical distancing and PPE in some COVID art from our neighbourhood!

The response to issue one of the Neighbourhood Newsletter was delightful. Thank you all for reading it, sharing it, and responding to it with kind words.

It is a real treat to gather the news from neighbourhoods around the country and share it with this wonderful community of Street Feasters and Neighbourhood Networkers!

Before we get into this week’s round-up – a quick reminder that if you’ve got a story to tell, know a volunteer doing amazing work you’d like to give a special shout-out to, or have a lovely community initiative in your area you want to others to know about – send it into us!

We’d be delighted to feature it in the Neighbourhood News!

Some Stories To Share!

Rural cocooning: ‘I’ve been self-isolating for the last 10 years’

Rosita Boland of the Irish Times spent a day with Meals on Wheels in Newmarket on Fergus in Co. Clare. Her article is a charming glimpse at a service that has been forced to increase production 300% since cocooning was introduced.

“The first call is to Dan Hogan’s farm. He’s 89, and still has his sense of humour. “I’ve been self-isolating for the last 10 years,” he says drily, standing in the door of an outbuilding.”

You can find the full piece (along with a great video) here. Rosita’s findings are the perfect example of the effort communities across the country are putting into keeping their neighbours safe.

Cork’s hidden heroes: Civil Defence supporting the frontline in the battle against COVID-19

This story from the Rebel county’s Echo Live is an insight into the work volunteer groups like the Civil Defence are doing to support vital services in our communities. There are a few great quotes in there from Civil Defence member Peter Spillett – below being one that particularly stood out to us.

 “I would be very close to a lot of volunteers and have become great friends with them over the years. You could count on them when you have to go do a job… you can count on them to have your back.”


We were delighted to see Children’s Books Ireland partner up with An Post to bring a touch of colour and creativity into Irish homes.

They’ve teamed up with some of Ireland’s favourite children’s authors and illustrators to create a downloadable activity to book to keep kids sane during physical distancing.

You can download the entire book here. It comes highly recommended by the kids in the house next door to ours!

Volunteer from Home with Volunteer Ireland

Last week Volunteer Ireland launched their #VolunteerFromHome campaign highlighting how you can help out Ireland and around the globe from the comfort of your own place!

They’ll be showcasing ways to get involved, as well as talking to people who currently volunteer from home and sharing their stories.

You can find more info at

Something that has been great to see since the beginning of #TheCommunityCall is local clubs and support groups joining forces to help those most vulnerable in their areas.

One example is the great volunteer work Coolock’s own Parnell’s GAA members are doing alongside Alone. 

(If your local club has been giving a helping hand, let us know!)

In response to the communal challenges the lockdown has created, Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre have created their own mini mobile library. If you’re in the area and fancy donating or borrowing a book – don’t hesitate to get in touch with them!

And just to round things off, I think we have room for just a small self-plug.

We’re running a poll on Twitter at the moment to gauge how individuals are feeling in Irish neighbourhoods during COVID-19.

If you’ve time, we’d love to know how connected you feel to your neighbours and your community at large these last few weeks?

Your experiences

We love to hear how you’re getting on – wherever you are in the country. Here is a sense of how things are going for Hugh who volunteers with the Portobello Neighbourhood Network.

“”The Covid19 crisis has brought into sharp focus the importance of having support and back-up in the community to ensure the well being of those potentially at most at risk. Where best to deliver that practical support than on the streets we live. We’ve recruited over 90 volunteers who are focussed on providing holistic and creative initiatives to fight isolation and increase engagement by all the community. That will be the legacy”

Remember, if you are running or volunteering in a community support group, you can register your area at

We hope you have a good week, stay safe and mind each other from a distance!

Lots of Love,

Neighbourhood Network

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