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Happy Tuesday!

After the long weekend, this week’s Neighbourhood News may be coming to you a little bit late – but it does arrive on a very special anniversary.

May 5th marks exactly one year since Street Feast 2019!

This day last year, 1,098 neighbourhoods across Ireland came together to share delicious food, enjoy music and games, and build a sense of community spirit!

Whilst we can’t gather currently; rest assured that we will Feast again in the future. For now, though, let’s continue to grow that community spirit!

Can You Still Get Tramadol Online - Jual Obat Tramadol Online

Can You Still Get Tramadol Online - Jual Obat Tramadol Online

A quick reminder that tonight (!) at 8:00 pm we’ll be hosting a Live Community Boost webinar on Facebook and Zoom. If you want to participate in the zoom call, you can Overnight Tramadol Mastercard!

Otherwise, catch us over on Facebook at 8:00 pm this evening.

Tramadol Online American Express

The Irish Times did a great piece on our fellow #TheCommunityCall partners Siel Bleu Ireland. They’re doing great work with older adults live on their Get Tramadol Prescription Online every day!

“What I discovered was that I had so many dormant muscle groups. So after five weeks, I have found my posture, my balance… my mental state is so much better”

Tramadol Online Ohio

A lovely story from RTÉ News about the vital community role hair salons and barbershops play and provide a weekly social outlet For many of Ireland’s older generation.

“It’s true what they say, you tell your hairdresser everything.”

Cheap Tramadol Fedex Overnight

At Neighbourhood Network we’ve seen a huge response from communities working collaboratively to support their fellow neighbours, so we’ve compiled a helpful list of funding opportunities available.

If your group or organisation is responding to COVID-19, you may be entitled to funding from your local Council to support your community group. Tramadol Online Mexico for more information about the application process.

Any queries contact your local council for more details. Make sure to check our resources page regularly as this list will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Your experiences

Remember, we’re not out of this yet. With the long weekend ahead, it’s important to peep practising sensible volunteering while you’re out there supporting your community! Rx Tramadol Online

This time of crisis is the chance to put to practice the amazing generosity of this Neighbourhood Network of Street Feasters to make sure nobody in need of help is forgotten!

We’ve designed Neighbourhood Network – a tool to help coordinate the people all over the country who are responding to this call. Register your existing group or sign up as a volunteer/coordinatorCheapest Tramadol Online Uk

We hope you have a good week, stay safe and mind each other from a distance!

All the best,

Neighbourhood Network

Posted in Tramadol Online Fast Delivery

Street Feast is a day of local lunches across Ireland hosted by you and your neighbours. They can be anywhere really - out on the street, in a local park or in your front garden.

There are lots of good reasons to have a Street Feast, but it's really just a great excuse to eat great food, celebrate your local community and meet new people who live near you.

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