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First of all; we will feast together again someday soon!

Meanwhile, by strengthening our communities all over the country beginning with you, our Street Feast friends, and expanding our network, we can get to every corner of Ireland and make sure nobody feels alone.

While the majority of us can safely enjoy some exercise and fresh air, many people are stuck indoors and might like a chat on the phone or to have their food or medication delivered to them. That’s where you come in. Already so many of you are doing just this and kindly giving of your own time, some of you whilst working full time, to help those around you.

Introducing Neighbourhood Network

Neighbourhood Network is here to support you and help you get organised so that other volunteers around you can assist too, in a safe manner. Our tools help you see who might need help where and also provide the latest Government and HSE guidelines to keep your efforts on track with keeping us all safe. Tramadol Buy Online Europe

What we usually do when not physically distancing

Street Feast is Ireland’s annual day of street parties & community lunches. Unfortunately we’re on hold for 2020, as we wait for Coronavirus to pass.

This was due to be the 11th year of Street Feast (last year over 110,000 people took part in over 1,100 Street Feasts).


Street Feast works closely with and is supported by the majority of Ireland’s Local Authorities.

In 2019 our partners were the Department of Community & Rural Development, Tramadol Buy Online EuropeBuying Tramadol Online Safe, Young Social Innovators,

We have also received support from the Tramadol India OnlineOrder Tramadol Australia, Tramadol 50Mg Buy Online Uk and the Tramadol Cheapest Price.

A little bit about who’s behind Street Feast

We started out as a team of volunteers, passionate about community. What better way to bring community together than through food? We teamed up to see the simple idea of Street Feast reach its full potential. Since then, we’ve learnt lots from experience. We now have a team of coordinators, advisors and volunteers who make Street Feast ‘happen’.

We first started in 2010 – the idea was conceived over many conversations as we tried to figure out a way to reduce isolation, our environmental impact, and boost community resilience. The team were Andy Thompson, Jerrieann Sullivan, Joanne Doherty, Zand Craig & Sam Bishop. Over the years the team has changed as people have had family & work commitments. In 2014 we had a brilliant new Street Feast team: Sam, Peter, Ciana & Jillian made Street Feast happen for a 5th consecutive year. In 2015 we teamed up with ChangeX to increase impact yet again. In 2016 we held the Centenary Street Feast and President Michael D Higgins became the patron of Street Feast. Then from 2017 to 2019 we continued to grow the campaign.

We’re based in a small studio called Monstertruck on Francis Street, Dublin 8.

If you’d like to get involved in making Street Feast happen, whether it be as a volunteer, intern or collaboration, please contact us at Tramadol Cheapest. We’re always open to fresh ideas and new energy.

Design & Website

We’ve been very lucky to have collaborated with great people to create a colourful, bright and fun brand & website. This was all down to the great work by the very wonderful Online Tramadol Reviews, back when Street Feast started in 2010. They were just brilliant. You should definitely Tramadol Online With Mastercard to them. Since then we’ve worked with the lovely Marta Sikora, Matthew Byrne, Francisco Javier Rodas and now John Lambert who’ve all worked on maintaining the site. We work closely with ChangeX who now manage the registrations and are an inspiring and rapidly growing platform of social solutions.

Thank you’s

Street Feast has received amazing help and good-will from so many people. Here are a few of the good’uns, in no particular order! Louise Williams, Dominic Campbell, Emily Robyn Archer, Ronan Bergin & his colleagues, Briana Palma, Clare Mulvany, Sarah Flemming, David Kiernan, Peter O’Brien, Dave Hayes, Niamh Skally, Ali Grehan, Martina Halpin, Aaron Copeland, Richard Harris, Amy Lyons, Mick Kelly, Craig & Annick Bishop, Marta Sikora, Matthew Byrne, Katie Sanderson, Mark Duggan, Astrid Brennan, Kaethe Burt O’Dea, Diarmuid Lyng, Michael McDermott, Jerrieann Sullivan, Katie Archer, Bryony Archer, Emmet Condon, Pauline McAlastair, Alison Cowzer, John Concannon, Niamh McKenna, Paul O’Hara, Ellen Roche, Majella Ní Chríocháin, Dave Dunn, Chloe Healy, Caroline Martin, Aaron Harper, Rionach Hurley, Kiri Bishop, Aisling Rogerson, Luca d’Alfonso, Anna Juliette and Beth Walsh, Erin Fornoff, Anna-Mieke Bishop, Ger Hennessy, Fellipe Lopes, & Peter Prendergast.


Street Feast will respect your privacy.  Your information is needed purely to keep in touch with you about Street Feast. We promise never to plague you with emails, and we will only send you updates when needed. For full details on how we protect your information please read our Tramadol Drug Buyers.


All information on these pages is provided by Street Feast and is believed to be correct as at the time of issue. Street Feast accepts no liability for any inaccuracies or any loss or damage arising from the use or reliance on information obtained from the website.

The Street Feast Team shall not be liable in respect of any claims, emergencies, demands, causes of action, damages, losses, expenses, including without limitation, reasonable legal fees and costs of proceedings arising out of or in connection with the use and/or dissemination of personal information relating to you in accordance with this privacy policy and your consents. 

The Street Feast website may link you to other websites. We are not responsible for the content or availability of these sites.