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The sun is out, drinks chilling and the beef is marinating. Good work, yeah? Absolutely, but could it be even better? According to barbecue experts, marinating is out and dry rubs are in. While a good marinade may make the

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As Ramadan falls on Street Feast this year, we take the opportunity to explore some of the yummy traditions of other cultures. This popular dessert is a must for Eid, the official end of Ramadan celebration, and can be served

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With its sweet, spicy flavour, vibrant colour and succulent chunks of juicy fresh mango, this traditional chutney is just as good as any you’ll find in your local Indian restaurant. It’s the perfect accompaniment to many dishes, from curries and

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Looking for answers to your picnic basket this Summer? These herb and feta pastries are a great alternative to sandwiches and will become a fast favourite at your gathering. But don’t let these fancy looking filos fool you, they’re quick

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Marinades don’t only flavour meat they also tenderise it. Overnight marinating generally creates the most flavour but more delicate meats, like fish and shellfish, will not cope with more than a couple of hours. Similarly, never use salt, lemon, lime

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A barbeque is never just ‘a barbeque’ – it’s a celebration. For many of us, you just can’t beat a good old fashioned barbeque. Nothing compares to cooking over charcoal – the flavour, the smell, the theatre! If it’s not in sight, you

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While most of us are curled up in bed using the 6am drizzle as the perfect excuse to hit the snooze button, roll-over and forget about anything slightly resembling exercise (although I did roll our of bed onto a yoga mat last

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Here’s the scoop You gotta chip and dip! And while you could obviously go another route, ie. towards the supermarket, this chickpea dip is worlds better than what you get at the store and it only takes 5 minutes to

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To hold a can of beans is to be confident in its ability to inflict serious injury and survive eternally – despite the label’s declaration of a two year expiration. The Mexican chili bean looking up at me, personified by a truly fabulous

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TV Chef & food writer, Catherine Fulvio of Ballyknocken House & Cookery School in Co. Wicklow shares her ultimate Street Food recipes with us. “When I heard about this great fun foodie initiative I immediately thought of the wonderful Italian

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A super simple, melt-in-your-mouth scone recipe perfect for your Street Feast! With just 4 ingredients you can whip these up in half an hour.   Ingredients 225g self raising flour 85g butter(softened) 28g sugar(we used granulated) 1 egg Method Preheat

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Street Feast is a day of local lunches across Ireland hosted by you and your neighbours. They can be anywhere really - out on the street, in a local park or in your front garden.

There are lots of good reasons to have a Street Feast, but it's really just a great excuse to eat great food, celebrate your local community and meet new people who live near you.

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