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Some councils may require you take out insurance, usually as part of your road closure application or just to ensure they are indemnified. If you are planning an event in public space we advise you to cover yourself, here are some tips how:

1.   Ask your insurance provider if you can extend your current home insurance to an event – this is often only a little bit extra.

2.  Hold your Street Feast in a venue that already has insurance.

3.  Contact your local Resident Association or like-minded community groups. They generally have insurance and, if you link in with them and see if they can get involved, they are often happy to incorporate you under their policy.

4.  Our friend’s at BHP Insurance are offering Public Liability Insurance for Street Feast patrons for €150. For more, check out this handy pdf: BHP Street Feast Insurance

If you need any further help or support with insurance please do get in touch at

We’re here to help!