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We’ve designed Neighbourhood Network to help coordinate the people all over the country who are responding to this call to help the people around them. Marking your X on the map helps us see the parts of the country where people might still need help and by adding your area it helps us to have a clearer picture, we can then reach out to other areas to sign up while supporting you as much as we can from here. We commend the excellent and kind work you are doing during these tough times and would like you to proudly show the area you are looking after. 

Neighbourhood Network is an initiative borne out of the very successful Street Feast organisation who hold an annual day of parties across the country in order to connect people and reduce loneliness. Now, Neighbourhood Network has specifically been brought in order to empower people living in neighbourhoods across the country who are helping others in their smaller or wider immediate areas who may need assistance. 
Register your existing group or sign up as a volunteer/coordinator Tramadol Buy Online Europe.

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As Gaelige!

Ó Féasta Sráide agus An tOireachtas, tacaíonn Meitheal Áitiúil le pobail ar fud na tíre atá ag cuidiú lena chéile le linn COVID-19, a chomhordanáidiú, go háirithe na pobail sin is mó atá faoi mhíbhuntáiste agus faoi bhagairt.

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Tea at 3

Introducing Tea-At-3; a national weekly event that invites you to (appropriately!) check-in with your neighbours at 3pm every Saturday.

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If your group or organisation is responding to Covid – 19, you may be entitled to funding from your local Council to support your community group. Here’s a list of current funding opportunities.

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